Manna Supply Inc. began in 1993 distributing electrical supplies for local government projects requiring certified small business participation. Since then, we have expanded our product lines, partnerships, and certifications across various industries nationwide. We have provided nationwide distribution and logistics control as well as value added consultations for design, estimating, procurement, and project management for IBM, Lockheed Martin, The Harris Corp. and Computer Sciences Corp. Along with distribution of electrical equipment and supplies, we provide distribution of telecommunication connectivity solutions; including video conferencing systems and network integration equipment, as well as mechanical and general construction supplies. 

Manna is dedicated to providing our customers with the most important aspect of distribution...reliability. We take pride in integrity and earning your trust. Our technical and administrative experience in the specialized government arena, continued growth in services and manufacturer partnerships allow our customers a one stop shop for their project needs!

So you have a project with requirements for certified small business participation? Obviously you are looking for the basics in the company that you choose: reliability, experience, competitive prices, etc... Manna Supply Inc. has not only been certified for over 10 years but specializes in these types of projects. We are highly qualified with thorough government administrative and technical training and experience from the field to design, estimating, procurement, logistics control and project management in various disciplines in the contracting industry. We can simplify the government contracting process for you, providing you with options for a single point of contact and complete bills of material. In addition to our experience spanning over 20 years, our customers are assured that they will receive their material reliably on time and within budget. Our pricing remains competitive due to the expanding partnerships and relationships that we are developing. This also allows us the ability to offer materials across various industries. Currently, we supply electrical equipment and supplies, telecommunications connectivity solutions, network integration equipment, mechanical and general construction supplies. To see a complete list, go to our PRODUCTS page. We look forward to serving you!